Erosion Control and Site Restoration

Here at Soil Express our Blower Truck division exclusively uses Filtrexx Soxx as our erosion control solution. The Filtrexx Soxx design coupled with our fleet of pnuematic blower trucks provide mobile on site production of a natural, evironmentally friendly blown in place erosion control solution.

The video below was taken at an HOA with a pond in the middle of the property. In between the walking path and the pond, rain had washed out all of the topsoil and vegetation, creating a real eye sore as well as a potential enviromental liability from clogging storm drains or contaminating water sources. With a two man crew and approximately 300 feet of hose, we were able to install a Filtrexx Soxx barrier before we filled in the washed out area with a compost and seed mixture to restore the area to its original appearance. The best part of this erosion control method is the ease of cleanup once the job is complete. After the vegetation has come back and the site is properly restored you simply cut open the sock exposing the mulch or compost contained within, or you can leave the Filtrexx Soxx barrier in place as vegetation with grow on the barrier until it becomes part of the surrounding area leaving a semi permanent barrier to help control future run off.

Whether you have a new construction, a re-landscaping project, or you simply have areas where weather and time have stripped away vegetation or grass, Our site restoration services can handle the job. Our trucks are perfect for a low-impact quick solution for restoring topography or re-seeding an area to bring back its natural appearance. With the ability to handle distance of up to 400 feet from the truck there's few jobs that we can't find a solution for.