Blower Truck Services

At the heart of Soil Express lies our fleet of pneumatic blower trucks. We operate three Express Blower EB-110, two EB-90, one EB-70 and two EB-60 cubic yard blower trucks. Our blower trucks can handle dry materials up to 1.5" in diameter and reach areas to be serviced up to 500 feet from the truck. This allows us to blow in playground safety material (EWF), mulch, compost, aggregate's and more with ease. Our ability to remotely operate the truck enables us to provide low-impact, cost-effective, and efficient service solutions for areas that are either difficult to reach or sensitive to more traditional higher-impact service methods. We proudly serve the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex areas, Houston, Austin, and more across the state of Texas.

  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 1.38 Million Yards of Material Installed
  • Serviced 3000+ Clients
  • Superb Safety Record
  • Six Professional Teams Ready to Serve You

Our unique Pneumatic installation provides you with clean, precise, and timely installations. We are your peak season material provider.

Products and Services


Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) - EcoKid™

Our certified EWF is manufactured on site with your child's safety in mind.

  • IPEMA Certified Playground Safety Surface EWF
    • ASTM-F1951 (ADA)
    • ASTM-F1292
    • ASTM-F2075

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Landscaping Mulch

Our mulching service can handle twice the amount of material in half the time compared to standard by hand bagged mulch. Handling quantities of up to 100cy per truck per day.

  • Native Hardwood Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Colored Mulch
  • And More...
  • HOA's
  • Developers
  • Cities
  • And More...

Erosion Control and Site Restoration

Whether you have a new construction, a re-landscaping project, or you simply have areas where weather and time have stripped away vegetation or grass, Our site restoration services can handle the job.

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Playground Inspections

We offer Playground Inspection Services by a Playground Safety Inspector certified by the National Playground Safety Institute.

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