ROW Construction

Since being awarded its first right-of-way contract in 2004, Soil Express, Ltd has worked to establish a reputation of reliability, quality, and integrity. It has since established itself as one of the premier right-of-way contractors in the Southwest U.S. having participated in the construction of more than 2,500 miles of transmission lines and pipelines across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota & Arkansas. The services offered by Soil Express ROW Construction span the entire duration of the project, from opening the right-of-way for the foundation and line contractors to the restoration and re-vegetation of the right-of-way once the line is energized.


Soil Express prides itself on providing excellent service to its customers through:

  • Clearing of the right-of-way, both mechanically with heavy equipment and by hand in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Wood grinding and disposal
  • Gate and fence installation and grounding
  • Crossings, Culverts, and Entrances
  • Matting
  • Access roads
  • Erosion Control and environmental compliance, including SWPPP inspections
  • Mowing and Maintenance
  • Restoration, including re-vegetation

Soil Express has performed services on project sizes ranging from the rebuild of tap lines to comprehensive work on transmission line projects in excess of 200 miles.