Playground Safety Material (EWF)

EcoKid - A Soil Express Exclusive

When you order our very own EcoKid, you can be confident that your children are protected by a safety surface material that is certified to be of the highest quality. We make sure of it. That is why our material is routinely submitted on an annual basis for certification by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). You wouldn’t take a chance with your children. So, neither will we.

Landscaping Mulch

Native Hardwood Mulch

Most of our mulch products are produced by Living Earth from recycled leaves, branches and logs. This material is double ground into a uniform, medium to dark brown mulch. Native Mulch is made with many types of trees and enriches planting beds with a diverse number of microbes.

Top Soil with Compost

Most of our Top Soil with Compost Mixes come from Living Earth. This mix is a fine-textured blend of sandy loam and compost. It is used as a top dressing on existing soil surfaces before laying sod or planting grass seed. Many use it to fill low spots in turf areas or around sidewalks and driveways. It is heavy and stays in place. Top Soil with Compost is not recommended as a planting medium.

Aggregates and more

Our trucks can handle a large variety of materials such as but not limited to:

  • Decomposed Granite
  • Pea Gravel
  • Erosion Control Sock

For more information about our products and services please give us a call at 972-347-2994